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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Transportation and Energy High Points to Know


'Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future' by Nijay Vaitheeswaran, Iain Carson. If you are looking only for knowledge on the energy crisis that we might face, this is not the book for you. But if you are an automobile fan, it gives a good insight into the past of the automobile industry and the issues facing it today. Look at the book from an automobile perspective rather than an energy perspective and you will enjoy it! If you're at all concerned about how the world will handle its intense energy needs, start here.
'Feeding The Fire' by Mark Eberhart. This is a conversational eBook explaining why energy is the key to our progress. Without taking sides, Mark Eberhart shows why lots of energy is important and why it is necessary to our world but not easy to seek to use energy more efficiently. I love a eBook that both makes me feel both smarter when I have finished reading it, and at the same time completely pleased with the experience of reading it. This book accomplishes both goals. Check the bottom of this Blog for the Coupon Code to receive a Discount on these two eBook Titles.

Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future eBook edition by Vaitheeswaran, Vijay, Carson, Iain
ZOOM takes readers inside the global race to build the car of the future, as pioneers in Japan, India, China, and the USA tackle the challenge of creating automobiles that will run on cleaner energy sources. As the authors succinctly write: "Oil is the problem. Cars are the solution." We are living in the midst of a Great Awakening in which environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and political leaders are forming new alliances to end our addiction to oil and create new technologies. The days of Big Oil and Big Auto are numbered, according to the authors, who show how we are in the midst of a major transformation from carbon-based energy sources to new fuels and technologies.
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FEEDING THE FIRE eBook edition by Eberhart, Mark
Mark E. Eberhart received his doctorate in materials science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently a professor of chemistry and geochemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. He is the author of Why Things Break: Understanding the World by the Way It Comes Apart.
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